LG Wildfire Versus vivo v15

Vivo launched the V15 last month to bring the pop up smartphone experience to users who do not wish to invest Rs 30,000 on such a phone. The Vivo V15 is launched at an affordable price ofRs 23,990 to challenge the likes of the Oppo F11 Pro which also follows the similar design strategy like the present Vivo phones. Though, we cannot discount the fact that this handset does have an unfair advantage as compared to the older version of the phone from Sony Ericsson. However, the new version has fixed battery and has better screen resolution, memory and camera as compared to its predecessor. However, if you are interested in buying one then read on and find out how to get your dream handset at an affordable price!

The pretty much noticeable difference between vivo v15 the two smartphones is the increase in battery life of the Sony Ericsson and the lesser increase in battery life of the Oppo. So, here we will compare the performance of each unit under different conditions so that you can arrive at conclusion as to which one has the better battery life. Let us first look at the usage scenario of both the phones, so that you can make your choice as per your usage pattern.

Both handsets use the identical camera hardware, namely the Exmor P, and they are equipped with almost the same software, namely Android OS 3.2 Jelly Bean, with the only slight difference being the absence of the text-to-text function in the Sony Ericsson smartphone. In this respect, the differences lie in the other features of the handset like its appearance and the user interface, where the Oppo has been equipped with a cleaner and more aesthetic look. However, the biggest difference between the two handsets is in the camera department, where the vivo v15 has a slight advantage over the Oppo owing to its 5.5 inch shooter with dual lens optical image stabilisation, whereas the Oppo has been lagged behind by the Sony Ericsson handset, in its capacity to take high resolution images. In addition, the Sony Ericsson phone has an advantage in the camera’s manual modes, where the Oppo can only do basic functions like single shot, pan, zoom and picture flip, whereas the vivo v15 can perform all the available modes. Also, the camera’s colour correction options and white balance options of the two smartphones are similar.

For this comparison, we have to first look into the individual characteristics of each smartphone, and then examine them to see which one has the upper hand in terms of picture quality, and then we compare the performance in low light conditions. The two handsets use the same camera hardware, the main differences in the camera hardware are in the way it handles low light situation. The Sony Ericsson phone has better colour rendition across the entire spectrum of colours, where as the Oppo handset has trouble distinguishing between tones of even grey and black, and also blurs the subject when in low light conditions. In addition, the Sony Ericsson offers better detail resolution, image processing speed and photo snapping performance. On the other hand, Nokia 8.1 has slightly better colour rendering across the board, but again it does not excel too much in low light conditions.

With regards to photographic performance, the two smartphones are neck when it comes to picture quality, and the vivo v15 comes out on top by a significant margin. However, the two smartphones offer pretty similar battery life, and theparable feature that the HTC Wildfire has is the fact that it has an active microSD slot, which can be used to increase the amount of memory that the phone can work with. This is an advantage since you won’t be faced with an inactive SIM card whenever the phone runs out of juice, and you can always buy additional memory in case you run out of space. The vivo v15 also lasts longer in a test video shoot with the HD camera, and its edge over the iPhone in terms of being able to take clear photos is very slight.

The two smartphones run on the same OS, and that is Android 4.4 Kit Kat. The difference between the two smartphones lies primarily in the hardware, with the vivo v15 boasting a much larger display than the Wildfire. The iPhone has 3G slot, whereas the vivo has a Type C slot. However, the latter does not support high-end video features like the iPhone, and this might be a deal breaker for some. Overall, the two smartphones are pretty competitive with each other in terms of user experience, and that might be the reason why Google’s smartphone will remain on top for quite a while.